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connecting friends and family over drinks and dinner

Dinner @ Eight is a way for family and friends to connect and keep in contact. The idea is to meet for pre-dinner drink followed by a meal every Saturday night.

It's more important than ever to keep in touch and it has never been a better time to take some time out to be thankful for being able to share the important small things in life with good friends and family.

Each week we will aim to make a virtual visit to a different a foodie destination. There will be facts and information as well as recipes and suggestions for accompanying drinks. The recipe of the week will be posted mid-week to allow guests time to try to find the ingredients. But don't worry if you can't, you don't have to eat an identical dinner to be on the same wavelength - just log in and sit down for a meal with friends and family.

There will be a cookery demonstration every Saturday for people who would like to cook along. These will be held at 11:00 hrs UK time. No recipe should take longer than 20 minutes to prepare.

Guest are invited to meet for pre-dinner drinks at 19:30 hrs so we can all have a chat before eating at eight.

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Dream Destinations

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Supper Times

Every Saturday
Cookery Q&A- 11:00 hrs
Pre-dinner drinks - 19:30 hrs
Dinner - 20:00 hrs

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